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Maine-Endwell Dollars for Scholars, Inc.

Instructions for 2019 Scholarship Application Process


Scholarships are due by 5 p.m. on March 25th, 2019

Late applications will not be accepted!


Instructions available at the following link are also posted below

Scroll down and click on red "Click to Log In" button.

Create an account by clicking where it says: "If you don't already have an account, please click here."

You will enter information, and then receive an email. Go back to the website, use the temporary password, and then use the link to create a new password. Moving forward, you will be able to log on from the same website.

When you are logged on, click to create your "profile" or put in "basic information". 

The first section is "Basic Info" and all starred items must be completed. Many items are not pertinent to or reviewed by the Maine-Endwell Dollars for Scholars Awards Committee, but are required for the National Dollars for Scholars, which created the website.  The photograph is completely optional, the review committee will not see it. You must agree to the use of your
name by checking the box on the bottom of the page. When the information is entered, click "save and continue". 

The second section is "Additional Info" and includes "Demographics" and "Other Information". All starred items must be completed. Items not starred are optional. Many items are not pertinent to or reviewed by the Maine-Endwell Dollars for Scholars Awards Committee, but are required for the National Dollars for Scholars. Click "save and continue" when this section is complete.

The third section is for "Schools" and asks for high school and college information. Enter your Grade level and High School Information. Enter any information that you would like to share regarding your College, and then click "save and continue".

The fourth section is for GPA.  You do not have to enter your GPA, because our guidance office will send this information to the Awards Committee. You can enter your GPA if you would like to enter all information necessary to apply for National Dollars for Scholars scholarships, which can be searched at the end of the application process. We will still accept your application if you utilize the option that says that you do not have any GPA information "because my school does not calculate GPA". Click "save and continue".

The fifth section is for class rank.  You do not need to enter your class rank, and can click "no" and click "save and continue". If you want to enter the information for National Dollars for Scholars scholarships, do follow the procedure.  Maine-Endwell Dollars for Scholars does not utilize class rank in the application review process.

The sixth section is for test scores.  You do not need to fill in this section for Maine-Endwell scholarships, but you can fill in your SAT scores if you want to apply for national scholarships. You may click "I don't have any test scores" and then click "save and continue". 

The seventh section is for activities.  This is one of the most important sections! Click "Enter Activities Information" next to the green plus sign, click "Yes" on the pop up, and enter all activities that you participated in during your four years in high school. For example, if you put "Key Club" as the name of the activity, you then list it under "Clubs and Organizations" and the "Activity" box will allow you to select "Key Club (affiliated with Kiwanis)". You must enter the total number of hours per year you spent on each activity, or the entry will not be complete. In the section for "Activity Description," input your specific contributions. For example, for Key Club, include all of your specific volunteer work. There is no need to include the address for activities directly connected with Maine-Endwell. If you held an office or won an award, fill out the section on "Awards, Honors, Offices" for each position held or award received. After each activity entry, you may click on "save and add another activity". When you have entered all of your activities, click "save" and then click "yes" in the pop-up box.  You will get back to the main page.  You can then click "save and continue" to go to the next section. 

The next section is for Awards. Click "Enter Awards Information," click "Yes" on the pop-up, and follow the same procedure. Click "save and continue" to continue the application process.

The next section is for employment.  Follow the same procedure.

The tenth section is for documents.  You do not need to attach any documents, as your essay will be included in the "Essay" section.

The eleventh section is for parents.  Depending on the date of birth that you entered, parental consent may not be necessary.  If you are under age 18, fill in the information. If you are age 18 or over, you can fill in the basic contact information or "choose not to include" it.  Your parent should receive an email and is required to respond to consent to your application. If your parent does not receive an email, have him/her check the "junk" or "spam" folder and email us if the email still cannot be located.

The next section is for financial information.  Our committee does not evaluate any financial information as our scholarships are based on merit, not need. For purposes of the Maine-Endwell scholarship, you can click "I do not wish to include financial information". If you want to apply for national scholarships, you can follow the instructions on the website and link to your FAFSA to include your personal financial information.

In the thirteenth section, you may type (or copy and paste) an essay, preferably of 300 words or less. You may use the essay that you used for your college application, although an essay that does "describe your plans as they relate to your educational and career objectives and future goals" is preferred. We grade the essay as part of your application. You are encouraged to use an essay that is well-written, proof-read, and displays your strongest writing. If you have trouble copying and pasting or including the essay in this section, you may attach it as a document in the tenth section for "Documents". The second area in this section is for unusual circumstances, which is intended to be for serious and significant circumstances, such as health issues, family issues, or other difficulties that impacted your ability or availability during your high school years. You do not need to fill in that section if you do not have this type of unusual circumstance. When you are done, click "save and continue".

The final sections are for the school transcript and reference letters. If the school transcript section comes up, you should be able to click through with "save and continue" without entering information.

The reference is required. Click on "Add Reference Information" to insert the names and contact information of one person who has written a letter of recommendation on your behalf.  You must have an email address and a phone number for each person. The letter from each recommender must be on file with the Maine-Endwell Guidance Office or turned into Guidance by March 25th at 5 pm. Please immediately contact your reference and advise him or her that if his or her letter has been submitted to the guidance office, he or she does not need to do anything further. If the letter of recommendation is not on file at guidance, it must be on file before March 25th at 5 pm. We do consider your letters of recommendation as part of your application.

We strongly suggest that you proof-read and review all of your material.

When finished, and all information is entered, you go to the "My Scholarships" tab. 

This section should show "Maine Endwell Dollars for Scholars, Inc. Scholarships - 2019" in the top box.  If you entered all of the required information, you should see be able to click and submit your scholarship.  If the "Question" button is red, or you cannot submit your scholarship, click on the red button, and input the information. Once you apply, then the scholarship should be listed under "Scholarships I've Applied For" on this same page when it re-loads. If the scholarship is not listed as such, you did not successfully apply.

When you successfully submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email that says "You have successfully submitted to Maine Endwell Dollars for Scholars, Inc. Scholarships". If you do not receive a confirmation email, log in again and go through each section to make sure that you filled out each required item, or email us immediately. It is your responsibility to confirm that you successfully applied.

If you cannot submit your scholarship, please take care to look to see if each section was completed. If you have any technical issues or questions about the online scholarship, you can contact us at before the scholarship deadline.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our application process, please contact us at